Artist Statement:

The start of my “Mind Blown” collection could be said to be my “true break out” as an artist. It is when I first realized that I had the power in my art to provoke emotions and make a powerful statement, which made me decide to take my struggles and release it into my art. It is a collection based on free expression. Each piece is symbolic to an area in my life and I am made up of the works as each work is made up by me. I started this collection my sophomore year of college, and have been continually adding to it. “Mind Blown” is representing the freedom of thought as well as the way our thoughts dictate who we become. Your thoughts control your reality, true freedom starts in the mind. In an era where we are so focused on success while forgetting it is okay to break down, my collection reminds onlookers that is okay to not realize what you want in life yet, but to also never forget what you need. We are reminded that it is okay to “Let Go,” because love comes and goes, just try and “Hold It Together” the best that you can. The collection is to encourage others to break free from society’s strict thinking and all the social standards they have created. This collection is an emotional compilation of what happiness should be, of what love should be, and mainly sticking it to whatever society’s definition of success isMy use of water colors infused with drops of ink also plays well into any season it would be shown in. The vibrant colors can bring onlookers the reminders of summer with pinks and blues. Autumn is not left behind however as reds and yellows can be found in them as well. The white blankness of the canvas in the backgrounds remind us that when our minds do blow, that even though that familiarity of solitary loneliness may surround us for a few seconds, that we owe it to ourselves to collect the thoughts we just exploded into the stratosphere.as cliché’ as it sounds to have copied and pasted a piece of my soul these canvases, I have done that; but I have also copied and pasted sections of others’ souls…and that makes them so incredibly special.

Mindblown is still a collection in the works and will consist of fourteen canvas when completed.

 ART 2017 | Jessica Tokarczyk