Looking for something a little different from my collection? No worries! I can commission an original piece. Also, I do not replicate my work but I can recreate it, and even recreate it differently.

Please include the following in your message:
– detailed description of what you want (i.e: certain work from any of my collections, custom skyline, or a variation of a current work )
– If requesting for a recreation of a current painting please specificity name of work ( i.e. “Hold On”)
– size (i.e: 8 x 10″, 12 x 24″, 36 x 48″)
– time-frame expected (i.e: Urgent, 2 weeks, within 4 weeks)
– use (i.e: personal, design/logo for business, gift)
Pricing will be discussed once size and focus of the work is decided upon. In order to begin a commission, a 25% down payment of the total price is required.
During the commission process I will provide you with weekly updates of your work.

I look forward to creating for you.

 ART 2017 | Jessica Tokarczyk