I am a 20 year old self- taught artist who grew up in central Pennsylvania. Besides being an artist, I am an adventurer and a student who is currently finishing up a B.S in Accounting and Economics.
Despite the lack of correlation between my chosen area of study and my passion for art, art was something that came naturally to me at a young age, and for that I am thankful. I was one of those kids that attended art lessons and was told I was un-teachable. Un-teachable because my methods of creation varied from the norm. I’ve come to view this as a compliment, since Johnny Cash only ever attended one voice lesson and was told to not return because any further teaching would ruin his unique method of singing. I like to think the same of my art.
I like to vary from the norm, and I believe my variety of watercolor works achieve that.
I want my art to invoke feeling, I wish for onlookers to see a deeper meaning or bring on the emotion of hearing your favorite song, or being able to look at a piece and feeling a sense of peacefulness. I wish for my art to have something within them resonate in the same way that a piece of art moves me.

My art exhibits feelings I cannot express and the memories that are shown better justify unsaid.

When I am not studying, or in my studio, you can find me adventuring, chasing the sunsets or eating ice cream.

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 ART 2017| Jessica Tokarczyk